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All 360 AvGas engines have six smooth-running cylinders and are fuel injected for outstanding efficiency and range. Teledyne Continental Motors listing of accepted SAE J 1899 oils by manufacturer and brand name ... Oil sump return fitting IO-360-ES3B & IO-360-HB9B Air Reference Fittings on all Throttle bodies Engine Models as applicable 50 Weight Non-compounded or!!!! Airmark Overhaul, Inc. 6001 NW 29th Avenue Fort Lauderdale, FL 33309. Internal condition unknown. Discover Continental Starters. An IO-360 weighs 327lbs dry. Lycoming numbers them front-to-back, and the staggering of the cylinders is opposite between the two. The (L)IO-360-M1A engine has a rated maximum continuous power of 180 hp at 2700 RPM at standard sea level conditions. Continental IO-360, Model type unknown, data plate missing, Case has section missing. Industry’s best service and prices. PN: .Alt_PN: IO470 0470 ItemID: 87183 Continental IO-470-V0 - Engine w/Accessories TSMO=1427.7 (NO PROP STRIKE) RH Engine Continental IO-470-VO: $10,995.00 Show Details $489.00: Quantity. A straight weight non-dispersant mineral oil conforming to SAE J1966 is recommended for the break-in period. FAA# JL4R288M | EASA.145.4115 | Toll Free: 800-282-3202 | 954-970-3200 Subtotal $0.00. See Service Information Letter SIL98-9B for details. Our Titan™ engines are individually built to customer specifications, giving you better control over weight, displacement and power output. No log books, no other information known. In these engines, you should NEVER use automotive or heavy duty truck oils. Some Continental® 360 series engines top the horsepower charts in this class, up to an impressive 220 horsepower in turbocharged and aftercooled form. ST4. The Continental IO-360 is a family of fuel-injected air-cooled, horizontally opposed six-cylinder aircraft engines manufactured by Continental Motors in the United States of America, now part of AVIC International since 2010. Less weight. Continental Motors. Find Your Next Starter. We replace, rebuild or exchange your starter and adapter. However, complete ring seating has not occurred and must be accomplished during the first 25 hours of engine operation after installation. Power output: 210 hp (160 kW) at 2700 rpm; Compression ratio: 8.9:1; Fuel consumption: 11.1 gallons per hour (42 liters per hour; 9.2 imperial gallons per hour) at 65 percent power The turbocharged L/TSIO-360-E in the Seneca II is listed at 1400 hours, and the TSIO-360-F in the Piper Turbo Arrow IV is 1800 hours. Engines used in frequent type service have an additional 200 hour increase. Authorized Full Service Master Lycoming Distributor. Choose from 4-cylinder engines in the range of 150–205 HP, and 6-cylinders from 260–270 HP. It is an air-cooled, horizontally opposed six-cylinder piston engine. Continental numbers their cylinders back-to-front. Learn More. Mixture rich. Perfect for experimental and OEM customers looking to improve horsepower and reliability. Factory New & Factory Rebuilt Gasoline Engines, ©2020 Continental Aerospace Technologies™, Continental and Prime™ Cylinder Features, PMA and Experimental Engine Service Documents. Prices start at $29,000.00. Engine rated power at sea level standard day inlet conditions (29.92 in Hg, 59°F, 0 water vapor) with maximum allowable cylinder head and oil temperatures with full At AirVenture this week Continental announced a new STC to install its Prime IO-370-D3A3 engine into Cessna R and S-series C172’s—a retrofit that could actually cost less than overhauling the Lycoming IO-360 … RAM Recommends Aeroshell W100 RAM Aircraft Corporation of Waco, Texas, is perhaps the premier overhaul shop for big-bore Continental engines. First off, I am talking about certified aircraft engines like Lycoming, Continental, Pratt & Whitney, CW, etc. I understand for hot starts, but why on a cold start? 972-829-4600 O/IO-360 Series Technical Data Summary Accessories Starter Supplied SkyTec 149-12LS (Lightweight Style) Fuel Pump Supplied Aero Accessories AF15472 Carburetor Supplied (As Appropriate) Precision MA-4-5 Fuel Injector Supplied (As Appropriate) Precision RSA-5 type The C28-150 is PMA/FAA eligible on most Continental 520 and 550 Series engines with front mounted gear driven alternators. The Continental IO-360 is a family of fuel-injected air-cooled, six-cylinder aircraft engines manufactured by Continental Motors in the United States of America, and first run in 1962. When value is the most important aspect, a 320 engine from Titan™ is hard to beat. JUMP TO; Overview; Accessories; Reviews; Q&A; View in Catalog ; Overview. Electric Fuel Pump - Prime engine until fuel pressure peaks. Continental C75-12: By the early 1940s, Continental had pushed the 171 in³ 4-cylinder A-series engines as far as it could. Our Titan™ engines are individually built to customer specifications, giving you better control over weight, displacement and power output. As-IS where is. The Continental IO-360 … - For information pertaining to engine model (L)IO-360-M1A, refer to Operation and Installation Manual P/N 60297-36. The Continental IO-360 is located at Murfressboro Municipal Airport, 1930 Memorial Boulevard Murfreesboro, TN 37219. Prices start at $26,400.00. Starters. New, rebuilt, overhauled Continental TSIO-360 engines for sale. Power is everything in aviation. New, rebuilt, overhauled Continental IO-360 engines for sale. Unstoppable Continental performance. For the IO-360-ES in the Cirrus SR-20 Continental claims 2000 hour TBO. Prices start at $28,100.00. The enginewas available in both normally aspirated, fuel injected IO-360 model and a turbocharged TSIO-360 versions. THE 360 SERIES IS A FAMILY OF AIR COOLED, NATURALLY ASPIRATED, HORIZONTALLY OPPOSED, 6-CYLINDER, GASOLINE, FUEL INJECTED, SPARK IGNITION, FOUR-STROKE, DIRECT DRIVE, RIGHT (CW) ROTATING, AIRCRAFT ENGINE WITH MANUAL ENGINE CONTROLS FOR FIXED WING AIRCRAFT. This small stroked 320 can generate over 180 HP yet weighs 20 lbs less than a standard 360 model. The Titan™ with an 8.5:1 compression ratio pistons is rated at 180 HP for the traditional design 360 size engine with Titan™ feature improvements. However, power is nothing without manners. If you fly less than once per week, a As-IS where is. It is generally similar in overall dimensions to the Continental O-200, but with a higher 8.5:1 compression ratio, designed to run on 100/130 avgas.The O-240 delivers 30% more power than the O-200 while it weighs only 12% more. : 2000 Fuel type: 100/100LL Propeller type/diameter: Hartzell CS … Read More "Cirrus SR20" Continental, Lycoming, all … The Super Skymaster is powered by two Continental IO-360-C engines with a rated thrust of 210 horsepower each. Internal condition unknown. You can also select multiple options for enhanced durability, reliability and safety, including nickel silicon carbide (NiC3) electroplated cylinder barrels for extended protection against corrosion and abnormal wear. The Continental IO-360.D is located at Murfressboro Municipal Airport, 1930 Memorial Boulevard Murfreesboro, TN 37219. 1. The IO-370 has a counter weighted stroked crankshaft with 9.6 to 1 ratio pistons and roller camshaft for the highest smoothest power to weight ratio for any four cylinder aircraft engine on the market today.

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