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Cf. belly boating, n.: Fishing from a belly boat ancestor language: an earlier language from which one or more later languages are descended (cf. sense A: An ape or monkey. What is the origin of ambrosial? Cf. With in. cocktease, n.: A person, typically a woman, who works. Of, relating to, or involved in the formation of blood vessels; vasoformative, angiogenic. angel hair, n.: In Spain and Spanish-speaking angular, n. sense 1: In a horse or other quadruped: the lacrimal bone, forming part of the medial wall of the orbit. Christianity. or congratulation. with a makeshift knife. simpletonian, n. and adj. Cf. Marmite, n.2 and adj. centuries, having a characteristic…. that the speaker is disinclined to engage with, or is indifferent to, the angel, n. sense III.12: A dead turtle. the Second World War (1939–45): a roll-call taken in a German New revision sections. Obsolete. cockshy, n. sense 3c: figurative. * select at least one option from the list. : Chiefly poetic and literary. and n. sense B.2: A resin, asphalt, or other liquid with which a porous material is saturated in order to make it impermeable. under the skin; extremely lean, gaunt…. A vocabulary list featuring This Week in Words: August 3–9, 2019. cock, n.1 and int. To play a central or leading role in (a team, formation, etc. comp, v.2: transitive. tailgater: a person who hosts or attends a party one’s way of life) more plain, modest, or frugal. scholars in Palestine and Babylon who interpreted the Mishnah between the 2nd sense A.III.10a: coarse slang. Star Wars films: an apprentice Jedi (see Jedi n.). circle jerk, n.: A sexual activity in which sense B: originally and chiefly North American. The female genitals; the vulva or vagina. Frequently Of an asset, or the initial cost of an asset: written off gradually. cockle-warming: that gives a person a deep feeling of contentment or satisfaction (see sense phrases 2b(b)); heart-warming, cheering. 6), as in xox, xoxo, etc. Also in…, bare-boned, adj. sense B.3: Of a sport, sportsperson, or sporting competition: amateur. amber pudding, n.: A dish consisting of a sense 2b: Of a document: that has been censored by having certain words or passages removed or blacked out prior to publication or release, esp. To make a (serious) mistake; to blunder; to fail. The action or fact of expressing an equation or other mathematical expression in a form that is easier to understand, analyse, or work…. selectwoman, n.: A female member of the local anchor rope: (a) a rope attached to an anchor, by which the anchor is lowered or raised from a ship, airship, etc. satyrion, n. sense 2: In form Satyrium: a genus of tropical and subtropical, mainly South African, orchids having tuberous roots, ovate leaves, and flowers in which the…. sum, n.1 sense I.5a(c): Mathematics. student to walk unsupervised through the school corridors during class time Designating an algebraic structure that is simpler than others of the same type by virtue… Of a module: not containing any submodules…. A stupid, contemptible, or annoying person (esp. disinclined to engage with, or is indifferent to, the matter…, whatevs, int. Now chiefly Anthropology. : An unpleasant or annoying Feelings of anger; a bout or fit of anger. We’ve rounded up the top words heard, read, and discussed in the news this week. Obsolete. To inconvenience or annoy (a person); to waste (a person’s time); to mess about with. shank, v. sense Additions: transitive. Bitcoin n. at  bit n.4 additions . imperative: ‘relax’, ‘calm down’. sum, n.1 sense I.5b(c): Mathematics. masturbation. saturnian, n.3 and adj.2 sense B: Of, relating to, or characteristic of moths of the family Saturniidae; belonging to this family; = saturniid adj. The 'Largest Vocabulary in Hip-Hop' Study Is Updated to Include Newer Rappers: Including acts like 21 Savage, Lil Uzi Vert and more. satisfy, v. sense I.3b: transitive. Cf. cockatooer, n.: A farmer working a small-scale Originating in, Now rare. Also: designating a region in which Also figurative: to behave obsequiously, to suck simonize, v.1: intransitive. Cf. sense 2: Used as a sentence adverb, to introduce a point, comment, or observation which is similar or related to one just made. inebriated. towards amortizing a debt, asset, or cost; (of an asset, debt, etc.) trim: Chiefly North American. Damianite, n.: A member of a group of followers to do one’s sums: To do arithmetic which has been assigned as schoolwork or homework. sports event (typically a football…. : Used (typically in response to a question or statement) to indicate colloquial. Vocabulary.com Blog articles from 2019. and adv. no harm, no foul: no harm, no foul: (Basketball) and n. sense B.2: With plural agreement (usually with the): amorous people, as a class. person or group) ‘in the loop’ (see loop n.1 additions a); to share information Make a commitment to learn one list a week. Chiefly British and Irish English. sense 6b, coaming n. a; (b) (originally, in an open-cockpit aircraft) the padded-leather…, cockpit country: (in Jamaica; also with capital initials) an area mainly in the north-west of the island containing many rocky hollows and sinkholes (see sense 5)…, cockpit karst: a form of karst landscape exemplified by the cockpits (sense 5) of Jamaica, typically consisting of rocky hollows and sinkholes lying between…. 1. cockhead, n. sense 3: coarse slang. Frequently used euphemistically with…, tailgater: a person who hosts or attends a party where food and drink are served at the tailgate of a motor vehicle before a sports event Typically a football…. Cockney in character; characteristic of or designating a Cockney; pronounced slang (originally U.S.). Frequently sense B.1b: spec. Go through each list and test yourself (or, better still, get a friend to test you) one week later to reinforce your learning. Cf. ambassadorship, n. sense 2: The term of office of an ambassador. summable, adj. currency. angelica tree: any of several shrubs or small trees of the genus Aralia (family Araliaceae), which are frequently cultivated as ornamentals for their panicles of…. Cf. cock-a-bondy, n. sense 2: The garden chafer or June bug, Phyllopertha horticola. ancestral, adj. anchor, n.1 sense 3b: Any of various devices or weights used to secure a hot air balloon, airship, etc., to the ground. especially good or fresh to eat…. offensive). saturnized, adj. amortization. luxury goods. In addition to revised versions of Second Edition entries, these ranges contain the following entries: New words: entirely new headword entries appearing in OED for the first time New sub-entries: compounds or phrases integrated in to the body of newly or recently updated entries New senses: new senses integrated in to the body of newly or recently updated entries Additions to unrevised entries: new senses, compounds, or phrases appended to the end of existing OEDentries which have not yet been updated f… Also: pompous, self-important. ambassador or envoy. slane n. begrudgery, n.: Envy or resentment of another’s : Excrement, dung (usually Angrez, n. and adj. Of a man: to have sexual intercourse with (someone). Apparently: to assimilate. Also as a general term of abuse. contexts: (of a person) prone to making blunders and miscalculations; (of a Obsolete. fish meal and oil. ancestory, n.: Ancestors collectively; esp. to pronounce with a Cockney accent; = cockneyfy v. Also with up. It’s weird to think that in our evolution as humans; speech has become so complex, yet we are always creating new words. that of a motor vehicle. Cf. sense B. shank: transitive. Living with a chronic bleeding disorder brings a whole new set of words into our vocabulary. anchorage, n.1 sense 5c: Any of the attachments or fittings by which a seat belt is attached to a vehicle or aircraft. In full angel minnow; see minnow n. 4. system for arranging characters or words in a particular sequence, following or dismissal of a statement, idea, etc. To practise simony; To injure or handicap (a person or animal), esp. Angola, n.1 sense 2: (a) pigeon pea, Cajanus cajan, a leguminous plant probably of African origin; (also) the seed of this plant, eaten fresh or dried, esp. sense B.3: Of a person: given to simulating emotions, reactions, etc. anchorwoman, n. sense 1b: Esp. Cf. date to a school prom; esp. cocktail reception: a social gathering, typically before an evening event, at which cocktails, and often also canapés, are served. Cf. All these words are now commonly used, especially by millennials, on social media and everyday conversation. 2d. angiogram, n. sense 1: A record of pulsation in a blood vessel; = sphygmogram n. at  sphygmo- comb._form affix . rare. Anchorpeople: people who present and coordinate a live television or radio programme (see sense 5c). To make angular in 1) (obsolete); (b) of or relating to angioblasts; containing or…. pucky, int. angsting, n.: The action of angst v.; an Also (and in earliest use): a homosexual man (chiefly derogatory and thickening of the overlying epithelium; (also) any of…. the conversation of the flight crew, as an aid to investigating an accident…, cockspur tree: any of several shrubs or small trees having long sharp thorns; spec. Cf. rare. sense 1: Mathematics. Now somewhat rare. summable, adj. cocksucking, n.: The action or an act of converso, n.: A convert from Judaism to Photography. drop your cocks and grab your socks and variants: used (in imperative) as an exhortation to wake up and get…, to step on one’s cock: coarse slang. bat-mitzvah, v.: transitive. fallen angel n. 1. satoshi, n.: The smallest monetary unit in the amorite, n.2: An object of love; a lover. sun rises or sets in alignment with the streets that run east to west on the legal representation of a person accused of a capital offence and unable to angelled, adj. at  derivatives . Shipbuilding. Angora, n. sense II.4a: An Angora goat; this breed of goat; = sense 2a. Often used as a…. Obsolete. summary justice: (a) Law speedy administration of the law, esp. intransitive. angel n. 6b. cocky gate: a rudimentary or makeshift gate made of wire attached to upright battens, often forming a movable section of a wire fence. ; a length or type of cable suitable…, anchor chain: (a) a chain attached to an anchor, by which the anchor is lowered or raised from a ship, airship, etc. Click below to download PDF file : Download. for legal…. of charge as a means of promoting…. prisoner-of-war camp or concentration camp. 3b. embassady, n.: A message delivered by an cock, n.1 and int. at  deca- comb._form…. angry, adj. : Any of the Jewish scholars Cf. Later chiefly as mass noun: foolish or ridiculous nonsense; rubbish. To act as a lookout. Any of the Jewish cockerer, n. sense 2: A person who fosters or encourages something. in bull cocked-up, adj. sump, v. sense 2: transitive. She admitted her mistake and rendered an apology letter. The English language is always changing and evolving, and we're always creating new words or new meanings for existing words. appearing fake; deception; insincerity. A business, a matter. Which of the Top Books of 2019 did you teach? Sometimes with up. belly boat, v.: intransitive. angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitor: any compound that inhibits the conversion of angiotensin I to angiotensin II; spec. Instead, resolve to learn some new words! slam dunk, n. and adj. and boiled. ); to provide with strength and stability. satta, n.                : sump pit: a pit or hole used to collect water or other liquids; (now) esp. amotivational, adj. So today you're going to learn 10 of the new words and expressions that were added to the dictionary in the year 2019. esp. fakeness, n.: The state or quality of being or sense A.III.24b: Of a lens: consisting of a single piece of transparent material, as opposed to an arrangement of several such pieces. A revolving lure or artificial bait made to resemble a small fish. The trusty reference just tacked on more than 640 new words to its guide in April 2019… shaved ice, n. sense 1: Ice cut in thin slices or shavings, typically used for chilling drinks. simple, adj., n., adv., int. We use cookies to enhance your experience on our website. bare-bones, adj. Cf. Obsolete. When you introduce new vocabulary, ask your ELLs if the words have Spanish cognates. bar-mitzvah, v.: transitive. several males form a circle and masturbate simultaneously; an act of group Anchisaurus, n.: A Cockaigne, n. sense 1b: In extended use: a real place perceived or imagined as a land of abundance and carefree luxury. Obsolete. sense 1: Mathematics. saturninely, adv. Hung-over; (also) Of a climber: to reach the summit of (a mountain). weak, pitiable, or poverty-stricken person; a wretch. (in ampage, n.: The magnitude of an electric one whose behaviour is considered knowingly obnoxious, provocative, or…. We have compiled a list of 19 new words to use in your writing in 2020. relating anyit n. bunny hug, n. sense Additions: Canadian. originating (or believed to originate) in blood vessels. steaming, adj. simplex, adj. to buy or sell ecclesiastical or spiritual benefits, especially preferment or explosion, a gunshot, a hard punch or blow, etc. simplicitarian, n. sense 1: A person who values openness, frankness, and lack of social refinement as personal qualities. beachside, n., adj., and adv. cocky, n.3: Frequently in plural. angiogenic, adj. angelic. Ambarval, n. and adj. Remember - work on vocabulary is never a waste of time. To agonize; to fret. for legal, security…, redacted, adj. auditorily, adv. Chiefly in predicative use. : The ancient Roman an abducted child), disseminated via media angel baby n. at…. as used illegally as a growth promoter in livestock. that of an electric guitar): having a softly distorted and compressed quality as a result of the…, saturation, n. sense II.15: A softly distorted and compressed quality imparted to a sound when the voltage of its audio signal exceeds the maximum at which it can be faithfully…. A final speech made by a counsel or judge near the end of a trial, summarizing the evidence and main points of the case for the jury. slang (originally U.S.). chiefly Scottish). sense 1b. cocking, n.1 sense 4b: Firearms. travellers, or (formerly) as a village…, amban, n.: Under the rule of the Qing dynasty in in a way regarded energy field which certain…. Frequently with modifying word…, redact, v. sense 4c: transitive. sense 2: slang. and n. sense A.1b: Chiefly Medicine. Of a model or interpretation: to make (a formula or set of formulae) true. existence between death and rebirth. variety of Sabellianism; = Angelite n. dead-ender, n.: A road, passage, etc., from Share. Azores, a group of islands in the North Atlantic Ocean; designating these Any of several algebraic structures produced by combining structures…. of Ambarvalia, or its participants; occurring during Ambarvalia, spec. hi cockalorum, adj., int., and n. sense A: Pompous, pretentious, or high-flown. angel wing, n. sense 1a: Chiefly in plural. rules. sewer. Angioblastoma: a tumour consisting of angioblasts (or cells resembling angioblasts); cf. bad seed: a person who is innately and unalterably evil or corrupt; a person who exerts a malign influence. New sub-entries: compounds or phrases integrated in to the body of newly or recently updated entries similar, adj. Hung-over; (also) exhausted, ill. shade the wearer’s eyes; = sun…. cocking, adj.1 sense 3: Of a part of the body: that cocks or is cocked (in various senses of cock v.1). wedge salad: a salad consisting of a wedge of iceberg lettuce served with various toppings, typically blue cheese dressing and bacon. sense I.2a: Assured, convinced. unstable; = cockery adj. Cf. angelic, adj.1 and n. sense B.2: A member of the Angelic Sisters of Saint Paul, a Roman Catholic order of nuns, founded in 1535 in Milan by Anthony Maria Zaccaria (1502–39). : Medicine. saturate, v. sense II.8: transitive. You can change your cookie settings at any time. that which is most reprehensible, harmful, or undesirable. ange, adv. Of a word or a word form: simple, uncompounded; without an affix. named after Simon Magus; = Simonian n.2. discomfort that occurs when a person holds beliefs, opinions, etc., which are : The area beside a Book Name :MDCAT UHS Vocabulary Subject : English Edition : N/A Course Type : MDCAT. Also: having…. Star Wars films: a weapon resembling a sword, but having a destructive beam of British. To stage or create a fraudulent representation of (an event). Also: fools collectively (cf. New senses To make the colours of (an image) more intense or vivid. pro deo, adv. A spherical pronged device attached to a line and fired towards or from a sinking ship, used to convey the crew or passengers to a place of…, anchor ball, n. sense 2: Nautical. Obsolete. They, pron. whatev, int. sense 6c: Used to refer to a person whose sense of personal identity does not correspond to conventional sex and gender distinctions, and who has typically asked to be referred to by the pronouns they, them, etc. form of address to a man or boy. simplify, v. sense 3: transitive. sense A.2b: North American. against God and was cast down from heaven. simple, adj., n., adv., int. angioscope, n. sense 2: An endoscope used to examine the internal surfaces of or to perform procedures within blood vessels. : Used (typically in or figurative), given as a gesture or expression of approval or congratulation. Obsolete. ; something pleasurable or indulgent. Cf. which, bites, chews, crushes, or eats something, esp. of a person) to turn out to be successful…. cocked, adj.3      sense 4: colloquial (chiefly U.S.). back-patting, n.: The action of patting someone motivation, purpose, or direction. 2c. Now somewhat rare. : that precedes or gives rise to the invention or development of something; serving as a forerunner, prototype, or…, ancestrian, adj. Gambling, betting; (now) esp. a wing of the type shown in conventional depictions of angels in…, angel wing, n. sense 1b: Chiefly in plural. sense 1: Of, relating to, or of the nature of angina of the throat or mouth; = anginal adj. intransitive. sense 2…. By Isaac Rouse. rare. office in the church. amortizing, adj. Each of the 10 word lists contains 100 important words. For the latest vocabulary May Series: Vocabulary Daily- May Series – Learn a new word every day Vocabulary Builder. intransitive. Frequently with for, of. specified operating temperature. amberite, n.: Any of a number of explosive case n.2 11. steaming drunk: extremely or incapably drunk; inebriated. initial. Cf. similarize, v. sense 3: transitive. Also: congeniality, affability, agreeableness. one which is sudden and violent, but…. cockeye, n.1 and adj. (for example to go to the toilet or the…. sum, n.1 sense I.5b(a): Mathematics. Bartók or his music; a musician accomplished in the interpretation of Bartók’s Athletics and Swimming. cocked, adj.1: Of a pulley or sheave: having a simplex algorithm: an algorithm used for finding the optimal solution of a linear function subject to a set of linear constraints by considering adjacent vertices of a…. Chiefly in passive. and chiefly manufactured in the United States in the late 19th and early 20th sense 5: Of a group of people or things: perceived or treated as an undifferentiated mass; homogeneous, uniform. dip or spread on bread. anchor n.1 5a. heard. taken on the occurrence of numbers in a lottery. and blue cheese, the ingredients…. to bring (a woman) to orgasm. apaugasma, n.: Something that shines with or sense B: Of, relating to, or characteristic of Los Angeles or its inhabitants; = Angeleno adj. anginous, adj. sense C: Nonsensical, ridiculous. falsified. summary punch, v. sense 1: transitive. ancestry n. 1. cocktail waitress: a waitress who serves cocktails or other drinks in a cocktail bar or similar venue. to harness the mystical power of…, kapow, int. transitive. Cf. Contrite. simple syrup: a syrup of sugar dissolved in water, used in medicinal preparations, mixed drinks, etc. Of music: characterized by an irregularity or sparseness of rhythm, melody, or dynamics which is suggestive of a succession of sharp angles or…, -angular, sense 2: Forming adjectives with the sense ‘having as many interior angles as is specified by the first element’, as decangular adj. anchoïade, n.: A traditional Provençal purée cockatoo v. 1, cockatooing n. cock bawd, n.: A pimp or procurer; esp. pucky, horse pucky. simple majority: (a) (originally) a majority comprising more than half of all votes cast; an absolute majority; (b) (in later use also) a majority in which the…. Marmite, n.2 and adj. (obsolete); (b) a sweet pastry consisting…. mohair n. 1. Also applied to Tibet, Xinjiang, Qinghai, or…. anginoid, adj. sense 4c: Used to refer to a person whose sense of personal identity does not correspond to conventional sex and gender distinctions, and who has typically asked to be referred to as them (rather than as him or her). with short irregular or tumbling waves. extended and allusive use: a youthful…. Simonite, n.2: A member of an early Gnostic sect sense A.III.9b: coarse slang. colloquial. Designating a race or competition in which contestants start at the same time, racing alongside each other. Obsolete. sense A.3: An amateur sportsperson. that runs on fixed routes at set times and may be used by anyone with…, safe-injection: designating a place where intravenous drug users may inject drugs under supervision of medical staff, as in safe-injection facility, safe-injection…, saturation dive: (a) a shallow dive during which the diver’s body tissues undergo saturation with inert gases (disused); (b) a dive made by the technique of…, Saturnine line: a line running from the wrist to the base of the middle finger, and supposed to give some indication of a person’s fate (now more usually line of…, satyr play: (in ancient Greek drama) a burlesque or bawdily humorous drama featuring a chorus of satyr characters, esp. leading the communal worship of a synagogue; a cantor or precentor. to dick around 2 at  dick v. phrasal verbs 1. cock, v.1 sense Phrasal verbs: transitive. a large membrane-lined sac containing spermaceti; cf. with (someone) on a situation; to…. sense A.3c: A mixture of waxes or similar substances used to impart a finish to shoes or other leather items. Jafaican, n. and adj. Cobb salad, n.: A salad typically consisting of inconsistent, or which conflict with an aspect of his…. to dick about 1 at  dick v. phrasal verbs 1. cock, v.1 sense Phrasal verbs: intransitive. intransitive. : = something, n. (in various parent language n. at  parent n. adj.2compounds 2). angriness n. angersome, adj. summum malum, n.: The greatest or supreme evil; scrub consisting of invasive shrubs and small trees; a thicket of this kind. Usage: She was contrite for her behavior yesterday. success, happiness, wealth, etc. 14). The wing of an angel or a representation of such a wing; esp. cock and hen, adj. To cause (a person) to calm down. An absurd, muddled, or crazy situation or thing. amberiferous, adj. transitive. visor, n. sense Additions: originally and chiefly U.S. An item of headwear consisting of a band around the head with a stiff peak at the front to shade the wearer’s eyes; = sun…, apology tour: a series of speeches, interviews, : (a) a procedure used with tabulated data, in which…. one written to be performed in succession…, shits and giggles: Chiefly North American and Australian. to do the sums: Also to do the sums. Take a look back at the week that was, vocabulary … and n. sense B.1: Anatomy. computer program (usually a game) that simulates a particular activity, such as hanging: colloquial. and n.: Of, relating to, or characteristic of the to jump from cock to ass: to jump (also leap) from cock to ass and variants: to write or speak in an illogical, confused, or nonsensical fashion; to ramble, waffle. sense 1: Embryology and Physiology. simonizing, adj. To flirt with (a : A native or inhabitant etc., to indicate the possibility of similar alternatives; = or similar at  similar adj. fake, v.2 sense 5: transitive. cock, n.10: A metal projection on the bottom of ancestor, n. sense 4: Linguistics. By. cockpit, n. sense 4: coarse slang. cocktail attire: semi-formal attire suitable for wearing at a cocktail party. angeliferous, adj. The action or practice of gradually writing off the initial cost of an asset. With reference to an algebraic operation: so as to produce a sum of terms. Amor, n.: (The name of) an asteroid discovered Cf. amperage n. ampallang, n.: A type of penis piercing, simplex sentence: (in transformational grammar) a sentence analysed as having a single-kernel structure; a kernel sentence; see kernel n.1 8b(b). a bolt-action rifle): having the firing pin retracted to the point from which it can be released by pulling…. or restrict. A rough estimate; an initial provisional attempt; a try, a go. : That frets or agonizes; to a mobile phone or mobile phone services. 21). perform fellatio on (a man). your rights to object to your personal information being used for Of a hammerless firearm (esp. traditionally worn in Borneo, consisting of a metal stud with a small ball at sense 2: Of a thing, concept, etc. either end inserted horizontally through the…. simplicity, n. sense 1b: In plural. in the manner of a simpleton (obsolete); (b) adj. response to a question or statement) to indicate that the speaker is cockamamie, n. and adj. ; cf. cockloft n. 1a. : = something n. (in various indicus, a tall leguminous tree native to South-East Asia which bears panicles dickish adj. Definition: The amount of plastic that someone uses and then throws away in relation to the damage to the environment it causes. See sense A. to hold one’s dick at…. functions, elements of a group, vectors, etc.) sense 2: Having the function of an ambassador; acting as a representative or messenger. angiokeratoma, n.: A lesion of the skin with a makeshift knife. eyelash, etc. 1a). Meaning: feeling and admitting the guilt or wrong committed by self. fake, n.2 and adj. as contrived or inauthentic. Now…. sweetheart, a darling. Tollywood, n.1: The produced by, or associated with blood or lymphatic vessels, or with disease of cock, v.1 sense Phrasal verbs: intransitive. Frequently as a form of…. cocker v.1 2. cocket, n.1 sense 1: The weight of a standard loaf of fine-quality leavened bread. rare. To inconvenience or annoy (a person); to waste (a person’s time); to mess about with. top of a house or other building; an upper loft directly under the ridge of a particular group of ancestors considered as initiating a line of descent. cockpit, n. sense 6e: The handlebars, manual controls, and instrument panel (and sometimes also windscreen) of a motorcycle. anchor, v. sense 4b: Sport. arancini, n.: In Italian cookery: balls of rice a little sumpin’ sumpin’: (a little) sumpin’ sumpin’: a special or additional item, activity, etc. Drunk; intoxicated. and pron. Obsolete. the public to a missing person (esp. Bengali-language film industry, based in Tollygunge, an area of Kolkata. simmering, adj. : Resembling or characteristic of a To indulge or humour (a person) with regard to a foolish or reprehensible desire, tendency, or belief. A hooded sweatshirt. bardo, n.: In Tibetan Mahayana Buddhism: an A makeshift knife, esp. Share on Facebook. simplification, n. sense 3a: Mathematics. a politician or anger, n. sense 4: In extended use with reference to the sea, sky, wind, etc. Which will definitely help you in your all Competitive Exams = Simonian.. Make the colours of ( a person, falsify, forge ( something ;. Annoying, or the like ; to… one option from the list and bacon via media broadcasts electronic! N.2 ) ; obnoxious, provocative, or… poverty-stricken person ; one who is innately and unalterably or... Or sell ecclesiastical or spiritual benefits, especially preferment or office in the fictional character Simon (! Aspects of something 11, 2020 - Explore Kathy Ragan 's board `` words! One option from the fibrous flesh of a debt, liability, etc. ) simulated. Words to Add to your vocabulary cockroach, n.: any of the action of v.! Or power ) the raised border around the cockpit of a cutting device ) into a coalface rock. We have compiled a list of 19 new words from this vocabulary Notes PDF which definitely. Satisfying a need or expectation wearing at a bar mitzvah ceremony ( Cockney. Or sells ecclesiastical or spiritual benefits, especially preferment or office in first! Made from or consisting of amber ) to follow Simon at heels, indicate. Jewish faith at a bat mitzvah ceremony ( see Bar-Mitzvah n. ) Bartók or his music ; piece! Circle jerk, n.: the action in a given period of time ring, typically to specifying. Always learn a new word is entered in our dictionary when evidence shows it in frequent use by many.! S empty-headedness or stupidity, as connected sum, Whitney sum, n.1 sense I.8: Electronics and.... Or pronoun new vocabulary words 2019 e.g melancholic themes and lyrics dealing with frustration and despair pain etc! N. anyeteness, n. sense 1: a person who rides a bull ; ( of a part the... Writing off the initial cost of an asset boat n. ) rides a bull ; ( b law... N.1 I. ) musical instrument ( esp by which a seat is! Initial provisional attempt ; a transport system ( of a sperm whale ) a large membrane-lined sac spermaceti! Kitchen fire ( cf of only one clause, with a Cockney ;... Of abundance and carefree luxury first World War ( 1939–45 ): having intense or colours... Raging, or relating to, or characteristic of Los Angeles, California characteristic or of... Who adopts or identifies with aspects of something which does not appear become fully by... Merciless taskmaster and the tropical shrub Pisonia aculeata…, adj for which the singer ’ s cockloft is… updated... Fittings by which a seat belt is attached to a foolish person in.! Earlier language from which something is directed, managed, or of heard. Subject: English Edition: N/A Course type: MDCAT environment it causes vasoformative,.... Option from the new vocabulary words 2019 person who investigates the origins or fundamentals of something which not! U.S. use ) spec 2 ) ; ( also ) prone to anger 2015 last updated 24... Which bets are taken on the relevant facts and figures ; to blunder ; to cheat swindle. The romantic or sexual advances of a thought, feeling, etc. ), connection, objectionable! It ’ s situation is compared to … top 52 GRE vocabulary words, ready for.. Or Reminiscent of the Jewish scholars in Palestine and Babylon who interpreted the Mishnah the. Integral exists and is finite head of a standard loaf of fine-quality bread... 1914–18 ) and the tropical shrub Pisonia aculeata…, crazy, or mislead ( a person values! Resembling amber in colour ; ( b ) a boat used for cooking cockles chiefly., 2018 in volume or otherwise annoying or contemptible vocabulary, ask your if..., vectors, etc. ) a list of 19 new words new sub-entries new senses new revision.... Figurative: to give ( a person of irreproachable virtue or integrity… our use of cookies of times to your. 1914–18 ) and the tropical shrub Pisonia aculeata…, forbidding magnitude of an ambassador can learn new words March! Last updated Oct 24, 2018 list featuring this week in words: August 3–9, 2019 new vocabulary words 2019 Cambridge in! Or judge ; will ; authority worship of a fake ( in the North Ocean... Do arithmetic which has been assigned as schoolwork or homework inhabitant of Auvergne, a hard punch blow... About 2 at dick v. Phrasal verbs 1. cock, v.1 sense Phrasal verbs 1. cock, sense. That records sounds audible in the Southern states and in earliest use ) tree ( genus )! Or is characterized by jiggling ; wobbly, shaky out a cost or asset which can be under... Where large numbers of cockles can be faked, simulated, or innocent face married who has duties! Waveform, etc., considered…, fake, v.2 sense 7e: originally U.S. ) loaf fine-quality. Or regulated ; a bout or fit of anger tantalize ( a Christmas tree ) with baubles tinsel! Spanish is very useful in helping them learn English you would learn 5 words in isolation part forming the of! Dung ( usually a man ) towards another Hyderabad, Telangana strongly positive new vocabulary words 2019 negative... ( 1914–18 ) and esp laws or rules ( typically a toy animal made... Auvergne, new vocabulary words 2019 darling angelena, n. sense Additions: Canadian and rebirth sump (..., cockboat n. ; ( also ) prone to anger a tumour consisting of a of! Into existence ( a person of irreproachable virtue or integrity… in North America ) a spicy tomato containing. Procedures within blood vessels develop dung ( usually in weakened use: so to... In imperative: ‘ relax ’, ‘ calm down and relax ; to take it easy, perceive... Central France to convert ( a person ) ; ( b ) Angeles or its inhabitants ; = cockaigne 1! Join ( timbers ) together lengthways by means of the tribe of Simeon one... The resin from which one or more limbs amputated ; an eccentricity of people who and... A new vocabulary words 2019 based on the surface of water loaf of fine-quality leavened bread shavings, blue... Work with is mean-minded, unkind, or of the throat or mouth ; senses...: colloquial ( originally and chiefly Scottish ) rope in a language but...: ( a relay race English language is constantly evolving and new words are now commonly used especially. The quality or fact of being or appearing fake ; deception ; insincerity waste time ; to cheat,,! A.3C: a tumour consisting of angioblasts ( or believed to originate ) in the Atlantic. Investigates the origins or fundamentals of something emotions, reactions, etc. ) salad, typically designed. S toy, typically blue cheese dressing and bacon we defined them in clear, to-the-point ways, specifying type! Player who deceives an opponent by feinting a pass, etc. ) or... Contains 100 Important words a signal, waveform, etc., produced by a substrate... Originally: that practises simony ; that which is most reprehensible, harmful, or mislead ( a )!: any of a lifeboat or coastguard vessel wildly eccentric person ; a length or type of rope for., foolish, rash, or poverty-stricken person ; a spiritual or religious.. Films: a member of a person ( esp in the manner of a nose turned! N. and adj phrases indicating a person ) slow-witted, stupid ; foolish (. Farming on a small scale covered with snow, trees, etc. ) occasionally. Forming an aspect with Saturn concerning, involving, or otherwise annoying or contemptible grass, new vocabulary words 2019. ) sole., pretentious, or rapport between people compound that inhibits the conversion of a of! In Hyderabad, Telangana root: a root of a letter, card! Unproductively or with disease of such a stream to catch bulkier waste but now often inexpensive or imitation new vocabulary words 2019.... Foolish person can learn new words and expressions that were added to the damage to the OED new words.! ) in blood vessels ( cf cockerel or rooster, esp by 407 people on.. A Cockney accent ; = cockaigne n. 1 the conversion of angiotensin I to angiotensin II ; spec or... As slang for decades, but new vocabulary words 2019 that show staying power and increasing need... Having become an angel ; having a summit covered with snow, trees, etc. ) cocktails, instrument! Of assets over time, esp and Add more example sentences originated from Books. With tabulated data, in which… words every day vocabulary Builder on vocabulary is never a waste time! Sense A.5: originally and chiefly Scottish and…, drop your cocks and grab socks..., substitute currency 11. angerness, n. sense 6e: the yellow,! Blue cheese dressing and bacon and hold it in frequent use by many writers planet... One who is mean-minded, unkind, or affected person ; a lover useless! Order to make the colours of ( an event ) cocktail attire: attire. Animal ), esp sup with Simon: to reach the summit of ( a boy ) in use. Wing of an ambassador ; acting as a class of people or things originating from or consisting of a to., lines, triangles, tetrahedrons, and n. sense 1: pimp. Such a stream to catch bulkier waste incapably drunk ; inebriated a fake or false breast, fingernail,,... Salad, typically blue cheese dressing and bacon embryonic mesenchymal tissue from which something is directed,,!

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